Environment statement

Our goal at Tree of life is to make health easy and this includes the health of our planet as well as the communities around the world we're proud to work with.

Our aim is to tread lightly on the earth and we're on a mission to find improved ways to package our products which are both sustainable for the environment as well as safe and effective to protect the quality of our products.

Our approach

We've been working on improving the environmental sustainability of our packaging for a number of years and have made the following positive changes:

  • Our Store Cupboard Essentials packs contain 17% less plastic; we moved to a thinner, stronger film 3 years ago and we're now moving to fully-recyclable bags. See below for more details.
  • Our Raw Organic Chocolate packaging is fully home-compostable (cellulose film) and recyclable (cardboard sleeve).
  • We've replaced the black plastic caps on our Apple Cider Vinegar bottles with recyclable metal caps.
  • Our Coconut oils and Pasta Sauces are packaged in recyclable glass jars with recyclable metal lids. The cardboard header cards on our Pastas are recyclable.

We've spent a great deal of time looking into the various different packaging options for our Storecupboard Essentials range to find an alternative solution to the plastic film we've been using which sadly can't be recycled in the UK - it is technically recyclable, there just aren't enough recycling facilities in the UK that can do it.

We explored compostable packaging as a more environmentally-friendly solution however options to safely dispose of the packaging, and local waste management infrastructure are not yet where they need to be for this to be a better solution. Compostable film is also still a relatively new packaging technology, not yet widely used, making it up to 20% more expensive which we don't feel is an acceptable premium to ask our customers to pay.

However we have trialled a fully-recyclable plastic film which can be safely recycled with shopping bags at large stores, so we're moving all of our Storecupboard Essentials packaging over to this new film in the next few months. Look out for our great new-look bags phasing-in shortly!

We'll continue to keep a close-watch on packaging developments to make further improvements in the future.

As a globally-responsible brand we're also focussed on sourcing our products sustainably, supporting the communities we partner with around the world and protecting the environment. Just two examples of this in action are our sourcing practices for Tree of Life Raw Organic Chocolate and Manuka Honey:
Tree of Life Organic Chocolate is made from Criolla beans grown sustainably using traditional cultivation methods in the mountainous rainforests of Peru. We trade directly with a small, single estate farm, paying a fair price for our beans, which ensures consistency and quality for every bar and a fair deal for the growers and local community.

Our fair-share partnerships with New Zealand's Manuka bush landowners ensure a fair deal and the highest standards for Tree of Life Manuka Honey. Sustainably sourced, the hives are helicoptered into the plantations during the short flowering window to ensure harvest quality and minimise environmental impact.

Sustainability is an essential consideration in all of our new product developments and we're on an ongoing journey to find new, better ways to source, and safely and responsibly package, our range of health foods for consumers to enjoy.