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Oat Drink Ice Cream

Oat Drink Ice Cream

A super simple recipe for a delicious homemade treat to enjoy in the sunshine! Made with just 3 ingredients, this smooth and creamy ice cream is vegan, dairy-free, and really easy to customise to your favourite flavour.

  1. Soak the cashew nuts in boiling water for at least an hour, remove the excess water.
  2. Blend the cashew nuts and half of the Oat Milk until well combined, then add the rest of the Oat Milk, syrup, and any flavourings, and blend again until smooth.
  3. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and churn until you have a soft ice cream texture.
  4. Transfer the ice cream mixture into a freezer-friendly container and store in the freezer for about an hour.
  5. Once frozen, let the ice cream sit for 10 minutes before serving.